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Tricked out Maverick HPX-V Skiff

This project was for a customer who runs McCall Anglers, an outfitter and fly shop in Idaho, and spends his Spring chasing permit and tarpon down in the Florida Keys.  It was a joint project with Shallow Water Customs down in South Florida.  The guys at Shallow Water Customs run a great rigging and repair shop and have been installing SeaDek for years.  The boat had a complete makeover from new gelcoat and rigging to a full SeaDek kit.  This HPX-V spends it time primarily down in Key West and will surely stand out among the other Mavericks in the Lower Keys.  This customer decided to go with Caribbean blue over black.  The black makes the edges and the custom logos really pop nicely.  We also replaced the old carpet on the undergunnels.  This has become a very popular option the Maverick boats because carpet and saltwater don’t tend to mix very well.  If you need any custom SeaDek work done to your skiff you can contact Castaway Customs at

The bow section fully decked

Floor kits are also a very popular option on the Mavericks

No more nasty carpet

Custom Nautilus logo

Custom logo on his custom casting platform

Custom SeaDek on Older Lake and Bay

Recently completed a job for a customer who has a 1994 Lake and Bay.  The non-skid had been repainted once before, but it was starting to wear through in several different places and show its age.  While searching out the different options for marine traction and non-skid he stumbled across SeaDekCustom SeaDek was not only the option he was looking for, but also the solution to other problems.  Over time, boats that are used and fished hard like many of the Lake and Bay tend to show some age and small spider cracks are bound to happen no matter what brand or build of boat you have.  While you don’t want to cover over any structural issues, using SeaDek to cover small spider cracks seals them up and hides them giving the boat a nice new look.  This particular customer also fishes many tournaments and spends long days on the water.  The anti fatigue characteristics and cushion provided by adding SeaDek to your boat can really make those long days tournament fishing or just fun fishing more enjoyable.  We decide to go with a single color 5mm foam for this particular boat.  The storm gray is one of the more popular colors because it is fairly neutral ,so it goes well with most boats and being a little darker tends to hide dirt well.  One of the most frequent questions I get asked, and one asked by this particular customer was if the SeaDek gets hot.  Since SeaDek is a closed cell foam and fairly then it doesn’t retain heat.  What this means is when you first step on the pads if they have been sitting out baking in the sun you will notice they are warm, but not particularly warmer than any other deck and once you stand there for a second or two it disperses heat very quickly.  If you are interested in adding custom SeaDek to your skiff, bay boat, or offshore center console you can contact Castaway Customs at

Front deck showing its age

A nice clean new look

The rear deck before SeaDek

After adding Storm Gray SeaDek

Cockpit and gunnels need love too

SeaDek adding comfort and safety

Comfort while poling

Sea Chaser 200 FS with Custom SeaDek

On a recent trip down to Southwest Florida I met up with Capt. Glen Brownlee to deck out his personal flats boat as well as the fire departments boat he works on.  Glen’s personal boat he runs trips out of is a Sea Chaser 200 FS.  This flats skiff provides a nice stable platform to fish off of.  The boat had a molded non skid pattern on the deck that we used as the pattern to scan.  We decided to go with 6mm two tone SeaDek in the combination of Beach Sand over Black which added a very nice contrast to the boat and really set it off.  Many customers choose SeaDek as an option to cover up spider cracks or areas of the boat where the non skid patterns has worn off.  Everything on this particular boat looked good, but the combination of comfort, traction, and looks added by the custom SeaDek made Glen decide to pull the trigger and fully deck out the boat.  SeaDek added a very nice face lift to the boat and made it look brand new.  We also decided to throw in a few custom logos to really customize the job.  We added a snook logo to the front deck and also added a ruler stick on each gunnel so Glen can measure fish easily.  If you need to give your boat a face lift, no matter how big or small, you can contact Castaway Customs at

The front deck with the snook logo

The rear deck, notice the detailed cut outs

The floor kit makes those long days easier

How big was that fish?

A pulled back view

Custom SeaDek for Estero Fire Department Boat

I recently got a call from Capt. Glen Brownlee who works for Estero Fire Rescue down in Lee County; I did some work for a few friends of his and he thought it would be a great idea to add custom SeaDek to the work boat in order to make it more comfortable and safe while on the water.  SeaDek provides an excellent traction even when wet and makes for a safe working environment.  The boat is a 22′ Boca Grande built by Panga Marine in Sarasota, FL.  The Panga hull design is a tried and true design and real workhorse that has proven itself throughout Central America.  The customer decided to go with a single 5mm Storm Gray material which is a good application for the floor, front deck, and gunnel tops of the boat.  We went with a 10mm helm pad to add a little extra cushion when running through some rough water.  If you are interested in having custom SeaDek designed and installed in your boat you can contact me at

Panga Marine 22' Boca Grande

The front deck with 5mm Storm Gray

A view of the cockpit

A 10mm helm pad

The rear cockpit floor

Custom SeaDek on Gunboat 62 Zenyatta

This past spring I finished up my biggest project to date.  The captain of the boat Nils Erickson and his fiancee Meredith Pridgen were heading up a large refit of a Gunboat 62 formerly named Lickity Split 2 up in the Newport Shipyard.  In the world of sailing, Gunboat is the very top tier when it comes to performance and quality.  They specialize in building high performance multihull sailing yachts.  Coming from a fishing boat background I had a lot to learn in the sailing world, but can appreciate true craftsmanship and design in any type of boat.  The retro fit included about everything you could possibly imagine, it almost seems it would have made more sense to order a new boat, but the lead time is very long to have one built so this was the next best option.  Nils and Meredith run a boat called Soma, a Formula 40, that they charter and sail down in the Virgin Islands.  It is the fastest charter sailboat in the Caribbean and quite possibly the world.  The tops of the hulls on Soma are completely decked out in SeaDek making for a comfortable and safe ride whether cruising or racing.  When it came time to figure out what to do on the decks on Zenyatta they had a crazy idea to fully deck it out in SeaDek.  The only reason I say crazy is because it had never been done before to this extent on a boat of this size or caliber.  Needless to say it was quite the project with a lot of detail involved due to all of the hardware and rigging, but one that when it was all finished you can take a step back and not help but smile.  Special thanks to Rick Lohre from Rick Lohre Photography for taking and providing the amazing pictures of Zenyatta.  You can check out more picture of Zenyatta here.

Zenyatta full steam ahead

Micro dot pattern provides great traction when wet

Complex curves and bends around the jib track

Aerial view of the bow shows some great detail

Cabin roof and aft

A cool view of the solar panels and the starboard bow

A view looking forward from just in front of the cabin

Custom SeaDek for 17 Tunnel Pathfinder

I recently did some work for Capt. Peter Babb who guides out of the 10,000 Islands and Everglades National Park.  Peter runs this 17T Pathfinder for low water and sight fishing.  Although Maverick Boat Company doesn’t build this particular flats boat anymore, they have a cult following by those who fish out of them.  Peter also runs a Maverick 21 Master Angler.  The boat had been used and fished hard so it was starting to show some signs of aging and needed a little face lift.  Castaway Customs deals with many customers who are looking to take an old boat and make it look new again.  SeaDek is a great product to not only enhance the look of your boat, but also add comfort and traction.  For standard two tone decks we mostly use 6mm foam, but we were looking to get a little extra comfort so we stepped it up and went with an 8mm two tone of Cool Gray over Black.  This color combination is a favorite among customers and really pops nicely with the black border.  The customer decided to cover the areas of the boat that get the most traffic and we also added the undergunnel pads for reel protection and threw in the Pathfinder Tunnel logo to give it that custom touch.  If you need any custom SeaDek work done to your 17T Pathfinder or any of the Maverick Boat Company products feel free to contact me at

A wide angle shot of the boat

Another wide angle shot

A neat view from the front of the bow

A wide angle cockpit view

The color combination looks great on this boat

Custom SeaDek for Ranger 22 Bay Boat

I recently did some work for Captain C.A. Richardson of Flats Class TV.  If you are ever looking to book a charter over in West Central Florida, make sure to give him a call.  He has had some SeaDek on his boats in the past and loves the product, you can check out his personal custom SeaDek review.  C.A. currently runs charters out of a Ranger 22 Bay and a few of his clients have the same boat.  This particular job was for one of his clients boat.  The color scheme of the hull and cushions matched the Mica color SeaDek very nicely and the 8mm two tone with the black trim really set it off.  Standard thickness on most decks is either a single color 5mm or a two tone 6mm, but in this case the customer was looking for some added cushion so we decided to go with an 8mm thickness.  We did the front and rear casting decks as well an area up near the trolling motor where he can stand while running the trolling motor.  He also added a ruler stick logo on the front casting platform so he can measure fish.  If you would like to added some custom SeaDek to your Ranger Bay Boat, or any boat for that matter you can contact me at

Here is a shot of the Ranger 22 Bay

The rear deck before adding SeaDek

The rear deck after SeaDek

The front deck before SeaDek

The front deck after SeaDek

A closer shot showing the logo and area to stand when running the trolling motor

SeaDek covered Lake and Bay Boats Costa Rican bound

I had the opportunity to work with a customer on a neat project recently.  He was having two Lake and Bay boats built to ship down to Golfito in Costa Rica.  These boat are going to be used in coordination with Mote Marine Laboratory to help further the study of snook.  From everything that I have gathered a 40 acre snook pond has been built or setup that has natural tidal flow and all sorts of bait already in the pond to provide a natural environment to breed and study snook.  The 17 Predator will be used in the pond and the 20 Boca Grande will be used to transport fish.  The amount of livewell space on the 20 is incredible.  Lake and Bay built a special one off livewell that is inside the deck extension and drops down below the floor of the boat.  Another neat SeaDek feature that the guys over at Lake and Bay designed into the new Boca Grande is a SeaDek gasket.  What this does is make the hatches water tight and also stops them from rattling.  Both boats will be used for work and play and now with them decked out in custom SeaDek, they can do it more comfortably and safe.  If you need any sort of custom SeaDek work contact Castaway Customs via email at

The massive front deck on the 20

The floor kit on the Boca Grande with the side console

The cool gray over storm gray color combination is nice and subtle

Check out that massive livewell and the SeaDek gasket on the underside of the hatch

The front deck of the 17 is also very spacious

The rear deck on the Predator

An aerial view from above the 17

23 Bluewater Coaming Bolsters and Helm Pad

Just finished up a job on a 23 Bluewater.  Bluewater Boats builds a very nice offshore center console boat and the owner decided to call me up to add a helm pad and coaming bolsters to the boat.  Most of the Bluewater Boats are what they call a two piece boat.  The only downside with a two piece boat is that you don’t have a toe kick area which means if you are leaning against the gunnel your toes are hitting the liner of the boat.  On any offshore fishing boat, especially a two piece boat, having bolster pads is a must.  It makes fighting a fish much more comfortable.  Another must have on an offshore boat is a helm pad.  Castaway Customs does many custom helm pads and the nice thing is to order one most of the time all that is required are some simple dimensions.  We decided to go with 15mm pad which is cool gray over bright blue.  The bright blue color accented nicely with the canvas and boot stripe color on the boat.  Now the customer can ride and also fish comfortably.  If you are looking to add a custom helm pad or coaming bolsters to your boat you can contact me at  We have a variety of colors to choose from and can also add the name of your boat or a fish logo to the pad.

The helm area before SeaDek

The helm area after SeaDek

Another view of the foot rest

Port side gunnel before custom SeaDek bolster pads

Port side gunnel after custom SeaDek bolster pads

Transom before installing coaming bolsters

Transom after installing coaming bolsters