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Castaway Customs decks out Maverick Master Angler

While not as popular as some of the newer models built by Maverick Boat Company, the Master Angler line of boats has a serious following and has proven itself for years on the water.  While the 18 Master Angler isn’t the most shallow drafting boat, it will still get plenty skinny and also provides great storage, stability, and ride.  This particular boat is a 1996 model and is in great shape for the age.  The owner takes his wife and kids on the boat frequently so he wanted something that would make it more comfortable when lounging around on the decks.  Standard thickness for SeaDek on most decks and floors is either a 5mm single color or a 6mm two tone.  We decide to step it up just a little and go with an 8mm foam which is a combination of 5mm black with 3mm mica on top.  This color combination contrasted very nicely with the color of the boat and the black underlay allowed us to add some ruler sticks on the gunnels to measure fish.  The little extra thickness provided by the 8mm will make his wife and kids more comfortable while on the boat.  If you are looking to add any custom SeaDek to your Maverick or any other brand skiff contact Castaway Customs at

Covering the front deck will make for comfortable fishing and lounging

Notice the detailed cuts around everything

A pulled back view

Nice and comfy poling platform pad

How big was that fish?

Custom SeaDek on Older Lake and Bay

Recently completed a job for a customer who has a 1994 Lake and Bay.  The non-skid had been repainted once before, but it was starting to wear through in several different places and show its age.  While searching out the different options for marine traction and non-skid he stumbled across SeaDekCustom SeaDek was not only the option he was looking for, but also the solution to other problems.  Over time, boats that are used and fished hard like many of the Lake and Bay tend to show some age and small spider cracks are bound to happen no matter what brand or build of boat you have.  While you don’t want to cover over any structural issues, using SeaDek to cover small spider cracks seals them up and hides them giving the boat a nice new look.  This particular customer also fishes many tournaments and spends long days on the water.  The anti fatigue characteristics and cushion provided by adding SeaDek to your boat can really make those long days tournament fishing or just fun fishing more enjoyable.  We decide to go with a single color 5mm foam for this particular boat.  The storm gray is one of the more popular colors because it is fairly neutral ,so it goes well with most boats and being a little darker tends to hide dirt well.  One of the most frequent questions I get asked, and one asked by this particular customer was if the SeaDek gets hot.  Since SeaDek is a closed cell foam and fairly then it doesn’t retain heat.  What this means is when you first step on the pads if they have been sitting out baking in the sun you will notice they are warm, but not particularly warmer than any other deck and once you stand there for a second or two it disperses heat very quickly.  If you are interested in adding custom SeaDek to your skiff, bay boat, or offshore center console you can contact Castaway Customs at

Front deck showing its age

A nice clean new look

The rear deck before SeaDek

After adding Storm Gray SeaDek

Cockpit and gunnels need love too

SeaDek adding comfort and safety

Comfort while poling

Custom SeaDek for 17 Mitzi Skiff

I got a call from a customer up in South Carolina who was looking to convert a center console Mitzi Skiff into a side console.  While I get many customers who ask me to do all sorts of stuff there are things I will and also wont attempt.  I figured this one was better left for the guys over at Orange County Boatworks.  After they did the conversion there was no better way to cover up the evidence of the old center console than to lay down a SeaDek floor kit, after the holes were properly repaired of course.  We he decided to do a little more than just the floor and opted to do the entire boat.  Many customer like to add custom logos to the decking and this customer decided to keep it simple and clean by just adding Mitzi to the undergunnel pads.  Since removing the center console opened up a ton of space in the flats boat he also purchased a 65 Qt Yeti Tundra cooler from me to use as a coffin box and extra seating.  He came down to pick up his skiff and was very pleased with both the work performed by Orange County Boatworks as well as the work by Castaway Customs.  If you need any custom SeaDek, Yeti Coolers, or anything to trick out your skiff get in contact with me and if I can’t do it myself I can at least point you in the right direction.  You can reach me by phone at 321-537-2039 or by email at

Overview of the cockpit

A must have on any poling skiff is a pad on the platform

The front deck makes for a more comfortable day on the bow

The rear deck cleaned up nicely with cool gray over black SeaDek

Custom SeaDek on Ranger Banshee Extreme

I got a call the other day from Travis Tucker who runs a Ranger Banshee Extreme and fishes many redfish tournaments.  Travis had seen my custom SeaDek work on another boat and knew that is what he wanted on his boat.  We organized a time a place and place to meet up so I could scan the boat to make sure everything fit perfectly.  We completely covered the boat from the cockpit and decks to the poling platform and Yeti Cooler.  He will now have an easier time sneaking up on those spooky redfish in tournaments and also be nice and comfortable after a long day on the water.  Here are a few before and after shots, that really emphasize the difference that custom SeaDek can make to your skiff.  If you are interested in decking out your boat, big or small, give me shout at 321-537-2039 or shoot me an email at

This is a before shot of the front deck

This is an after shot of the front deck. The Ranger logo and ruler stick really set it off.

This is a before shot of the cockpit of the boat.

This is an after shot of the cockpit. We changed out the stock side gunnel pads to match the rest of the boat.

Before SeaDek on the Yeti Cooler and rear deck

After adding SeaDek to the Yeti Cooler and rear deck

Snow Camo SeaDek on Dolphin Super Skiff

I had the pleasure to meet up with Capt. Raul Montoro down in Miami.  He fishes throughout South Florida and the Florida Keys.  Raul runs a 17′ Dolphin Super Skiff that he keeps in great shape.  He was looking for a way to make his boat more quiet for chasing big bonefish in Biscayne Bay and also make it more comfortable for his clients.  Turns out the snow camo SeaDek was just the ticket.  He decided to go with a floor kit, poling platform pad, casting platform pad, and under gunnel pads.  The carpet on his under gunnels had started to tear up after only a few years so he figured he would fix the problem once and for all by going with SeaDek.  The look of the snow camo really sets his boat apart and looks great.  Make sure to check out Raul at  If you are interested in getting some SeaDek for your boat feel free to call me at 321-537-2039 or email me at

Custom bonefish logo

Custom permit logo

Snow camo casting platform

Dolphin Super Skiff SeaDek

Trick out your Maverick HPX-T or Maverick HPX-V

Maverick Boats have been a staple in the shallow water boating market since the beginning.  There is a lot of history behind the skiff company and if boats could talk there are some Maverick boats with stories that could keep us entertained all night.  I have fished with Capt  Benny Blanco down in Flamingo on his Maverick HPX-T and have a few great stories of my own.  The HPX-T is a tunnel hull boat that can cross extremely shallow water and jump up on plane very quickly.  The boat is a fairly flat bottomed skiff so crossing open or rough waters in not ideal in this skiff.  That is where the HPX-V comes into play.  The Maverick HPX-V is a proven hull designed used and abused by guides and charter captains throughout the world.  While it isn’t made for extremely skinny water, it will get you home safely when the wind and seas kick up.  I deal with a lot of customers who have Maverick Boats and they ask me what are some of the more popular options as far as SeaDek and boating accessories are concerned.  On any poling skiff, my first recommendation is to SeaDek their poling platforms and their casting platform, if they have one.  Castaway Customs provides custom aluminum work as well as SeaDek so if you need a casting platform made, feel free to contact us.

A nice example of a custom casting platform on the bow of a Maverick HPX-T

For those who don’t have a casting platform and looking to kill two birds with one stone, a Yeti Cooler is a great option.  The coolers are stable enough to stand on and fish while doing a great job of keeping things cold.  A 35 QT Yeti Tundra cooler fits nicely in front of the console on either Maverick and easily can hold a trips worth of food and drinks.  If you are looking a little larger cooler the 45 QT Yeti Tundra can be turned to run length wise in the cockpit and it still fits nicely in front of the console.

Yeti Tundra Coolers work great as a casting platform

Maverick Boats have used carpet for a long time on the under gunnel areas on their boats.  One of the most common jobs I do on Mavericks is replacing that old carpet with SeaDek.  Unfortunately from boat to boat placement of the rod holders seem to vary slightly so there isn’t a one size fits all kit.  If you would like to order a set for your boat, just contact me and I can work through the details with you.  We can do almost any logos you would like on the under gunnel areas and this really dresses the boat up nicely.

The owner of Maverick Boats, Scott Deal's personal boat

Maverick Boats are known for being very stealthy and quite, but one thing that ruin it is a client or friend stomping around in the boat.  We all have been on a boat with someone who isn’t exactly light footed.  A cockpit kit for the floor of the boat dampens sound and makes it more stealthy when trying to sneek up on a school of skittish fish.  Most layouts for our floor kits cover the helm area of the boat creating a helm pad and making it more comfortable when driving the boat also.

17 HPX-V floor kit

Depending upon where you are fishing in your Maverick sometimes staking out with your push pole isn’t a good option.  For instance, many places in Mosquito Lagoon have a harder sand bottom and trying to stake off with the push pole wont work.  If you are fishing down in the Everglades over a soft or muddy bottom, a push pole may work out just fine.  Either way, we always find ourselves in situations where having the capability to stake out is nice.  A great shallow water anchor system I recommend to my clients is the Wang Anchor.  There are different mounting systems depending upon you need.  They make a transom mount system and also a quick release deck mount system.  Both systems have their place in certain instances.  Even just purchasing the pole works great and you can just tie off to the pole with a rope.  The 3/4″ solid fiberglass pole penetrates hard bottom easily allowing you to stakeout and it can easily be stored in the under gunnel rod tubes of your Maverick.

This is the transom mount system on a HPX-V

Every technical poling skiff needs one thing and that is a push pole.  Castaway Customs has you covered there also as we carry many different push poles.  The pole that I’m currently using and for the price can’t be beat is a Loop push pole.  The Loop push pole is made from carbon fiber and is extremely stiff and lightweight.  It can also be made up to 25′ 9″ allowing you to pole more efficiently.

The Loop push poles work great

When it comes to tricking out your skiff, these are only a few of the most popular options and products my customers ask for.  The possibilities are endless and many time the only limits are created by the size of your pockets.  No matter what type of skiff you have, just remember that the purpose is to get out on the water and make some stories of your own.

Poling and Casting Platform Pads

If you have ever spent any time fishing on a flats boat or skiff, you realize that most of the time is spent on either a poling or casting platform.  You are either poling an angler around on the poling platform, or you are the angler on the bow or casting platform.  SeaDek is a great application for both.  If you are strictly looking for traction our 3mm would work, but most customers choose to go with either 5mm or 6mm SeaDek.  The 5mm is a single color foam and has a nice beveled edge which provides a neat finished look.  If you want to add a little flare you can choose to go with a two color laminated foam.  This allows use to route down through the top layer of foam and engrave logos, it also give the beveled edge a two tone look.  For those who guide or just spend long periods of time on a poling platform and need a little extra cushion our 8mm material will provide that extra comfort.  We have a wide variety of patterns and templates to fit most platform tops.  If we don’t already have a pattern we can either scan it or you can order a template kit and make a template we can work off of.  One way or the other we will meet your needs.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at or call me at 321-537-2039.

Custom SeaDek on Bluepoint casting platform

Custom SeaDek on Hellsbay poling platform