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Cruisers Yachts Teak and Holly Marine Flooring

This was another job I completed on my trip up to New England.  This particular boat was located in Mystic, Connecticut.  The model is a 3570 Cruisers Yacht.  The owner had carpet in the boat which ended up holding dirt and moisture.  He decided to go with the faux teak and holly SeaDek to replace the carpet.  On a previous project the owner had installed some Amtico teak and holly plywood flooring in the cabin of the boat so I designed the teak to match the width of the previously installed material.  As you can see from the pictures it ended up looking great and matching quite nicely with interior flooring.  In the future the owner plans on doing the swim platform to match the cockpit of the boat.  SeaDek is a great addition to any cabin cruiser style boat and will make you boating experience more enjoyable.  For more information on custom SeaDek products feel free to contact me at, or give me a call at 321-537-2039.

Cockpit view of the teak and holly SeaDek

Another view of the seating area

The head area on the boat is another great option for SeaDek

The helm pad in faux teak looks great

Intrepid Boats Faux Teak and Holly

I was recently up in New England area for about a week or so working on some projects.  This 32′ Intrepid was one of the boats that I installed SeaDek on.  The faux teak has become pretty popular lately so we ordered a few different versions of faux teak.  This particular version had the holly as the planking with the teak grooves.  To be honest, I wasn’t really sure how the holly over teak was going to look in the boat, but after the install it was clear that the customer had made the right color choice.  With the engines painted white and tan accents in the coaming bolsters and cushions, the flooring looked great and really tied into the look of the boat.  The customer decided to add the Intrepid logo on the pad going to into the cabin and also on a hatch behind the helm of the boat.  We even did the interior floor of the cabin.  This boat is used primarily as a family cruising boat and the non skid had become very slippery over the years so the customer was concerned about his kids slipping and getting hurt.  Like all SeaDek products, the faux teak also provides excellent traction and makes for a more safe and enjoyable boating experience.  If you are interest in getting some faux teak SeaDek in your boat feel free to call me at 321-537-2039 or email me at

Rear cockpit of the 32' Intrepid

Forward seating area with Intrepid logo

Close up view of logo

A shot from looking towards the stern

A picture of the cabin floor

Carver Yacht Faux Teak SeaDek

I got a call recently from a gentlemen who was fed up with the snap in carpet in his Carver Yacht holding dirt and water.  He gave me a call and made an appointment to meet up and have me digitize his boat.  Within about an hour I scanned the cockpit, fly bridge, and step areas on the boat.  The boat owner had gone with real teak decking on his last boat and while he liked the look he hated the maintenance that came along with it.  After scanning the boat I went over a few different layouts of how we could design the teak.  Some customers like the planking to run all the way to the edge of the pad while other like to have everything bordered out.  In this instance, the owner wanted to go with the borders and we used the existing non-skid pattern molded into the deck for a pattern to follow.  This allows water to drain and looks very clean.  After working out all the details I swung by and installed the SeaDek, the owner was out of town at the time, but amazed out how nicely everything came out.  If you are interested in having faux teak SeaDek designed for your boat contact Castaway Customs at 321-537-2039 or you can email me directly at

The steps before the faux teak SeaDek was added

The steps looked much nicer and the SeaDek adds great traction

An up close look at the texture of the faux teak SeaDek

The flybridge looking near the seating area of the boat

The main cockpit of the boat

No more nasty carpet

Faux Teak SeaDek

While teak adds a very classic look to a boat, there are major downsides.  One of the major issues is the cost.  Teak is a very expensive wood and installing teak on a boat is very labor intensive therefore will set you back a good amount.  The other downside to real teak is the amount of time and labor it takes to keep it looking good.  It can be a full time job keeping it oiled up.  While teak use to be one of your only options now there are many different faux teak options.  The nice thing about faux teak is it gives you the look of teak without the maintenance and most of all without breaking the bank.  There are different faux teak options out there, but many of them will still cost you around $50 per square foot installed, about half of the cost of real teak.  SeaDek’s faux teak runs about half of the cost of other faux teak materials while still provide the comfort, traction, and durability that SeaDek is known for.  Whether you are looking to cover the cockpit of a sportfishing boat or the interior cabin on a cabin cruiser, the faux teak SeaDek is a great option from every standpoint.  Castaway Customs specializes in custom SeaDek applications and can design and install custom faux teak in your boat.  Take a look at some of my recent work and feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or for a price quote.

33 L&H Express Teak Cockpit

33' Grady White WA

27' Searay Sundancer Swim Platform

Interior Cabin on Grady White