About Castaway Customs

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Castaway Customs is THE source for custom SeaDek products.  We began working with and designing custom SeaDek products back in 2007.  We were the first company to develop and use the digitizing equipment that now the industry standard.  While others have tried to duplicate our process, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, their is no substitution for experience.  Castaway Customs has the experience and provides mobile service which makes it easier on the customer.  Along with our experience in servicing all types of vessels, we also have the most experienced design team who can create products for your boat that set yours apart from the rest.

What is SeaDek?

SeaDek is a closed cell EVA foam formulated for the marine environment. It comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses to suit any application.  What is the purpose of SeaDek? The original purpose was to provide traction. Along with the great traction it also reduces fatigue, protects your boat, covers up chips and scratches, dampens sounds, and most of all looks great.  SeaDek while not the first to use EVA foam in a marine application, has constantly evolved and improved their materials to become the industry leader.  Many others whom try to replicate their materials are the same companies who try to replicate our custom fabrication processes we developed.  The true test for anything is time, and over time, the other alternative options out there don’t hold up to the rigorous marine environment.  This is the reason Castaway Customs only works and fabricates with SeaDek material.

How do I get custom SeaDek?

There are several different options depending on your location, project size, and time frame.  The easiest way to determine which option works best for you is to contact one of our representatives and they can point you in the right direction.  Here is a brief description of the different ways to have custom SeaDek pads fabricated for your boat

-We will come to you

This is what Castaway Customs prides itself in and sets us apart from others; our ability to be mobile and service much larger vessels without creating a headache for the customer having to arrange to transport the boat or do any manual work themselves.  While some customers don’t mind being hands on and making a template themselves, others don’t have the time or ability to perform the task.  With that being said, we are running a business and trying to efficiently manage and take care of hundreds of customers a month so the scope of the work will determine if the job validates us traveling.  If you just need a few small custom pads and we don’t have them on file their are other options that may best be suited for you.

-Bring the boat to us

Our facility is located in Rockledge, FL which is located in East Central Florida on the Space Coast.  If your boat can be brought to the shop and you setup an appointment; we can digitize, cut, and install in a single day for you.  No need to make two trips somewhere else when you can make one.  This is appealing if your more than a few hours away or live outside the state of Florida.  We also work weekends by appointment to help create the best customer service we can.  While we are customizing your boat we can recommend things to do locally and set you up on a fishing charter with the best local guides if so desired.

-We already have your pattern on file

All it takes is a phone call or email to find out if we do.  Over the years we have established the largest custom SeaDek catalog of products for all types of boats.  While their isn’t an effective way to publish them all on the website if you contact us we can let you know if we have yours.  Very few boats are EXACTLY the same as they are built and assembled by hand.  What this means, is even if your friend has the same boat as you, the pattern for your floor for example might vary slightly because the consoles were put in by hand in two slightly different locations.  In order to assure proper fit to our standards we may need to see a few pictures and possibly have you pull a few hand measurements to verify the drawings is accurate.  Once that is complete, we can cut and ship the product to you.

– DIY- Create a template or fill out our design form

There are those customers who like to be very hands on when it comes to their boats.  We are the same way ourselves here at Castaway Customs, but we like to provide other service options which make the process to get custom SeaDek on your boat more streamlined and easier for the customer.  There are some cases where creating a template works well, for these cases you can order a template kit directly through Castaway Customs.  The other option if you just need some basic geometrical shapes it to fill out our design form on the DIY page.  This will allow you to print out a .pdf and draw/design pads with basic linear and radius measurements.  Our representatives can help walk you through the process.  The average lead time is a week from the time we receive your template or design form until the time the pads ship.  This may vary depending upon time of year.

How much does SeaDek cost?

Our pricing is based upon square footage cost.  While other fabricators may charge based on the square footage per sheet of material used, we charge based on the square footage of your actual fabricated parts.  Through our years of experience, we have become efficient enough in our fabrications processes and do enough volume that we can utilize “scrap” material on the sheets without having to charge the customer for it.  We figure if your not using it, why should you be paying for it.  The square footage costs don’t include installation charges.  The reason we don’t include installation in our pricing is because many customers choose to do their own installation and each job contains variables associated with the install that doesn’t allow us to build them into the square footage cost.  Through the various outlets we offer above to have custom SeaDek products designed and fabricated for your boat, the pricing is consistent whichever option suits you best.  We don’t charge any more to come to you, but we do group jobs together to make it efficient.  What this means is the lead times may vary with the different options and by contacting a representative we can help to figure out which option suits you best.

Castaway Customs stays very well connected with our customers and followers through social media so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see what projects we are currently working on