Coaming Bolster Pads

If you have ever been digging for grouper or fished off of any offshore boat without coaming bolsters you will know it by the end of the day when your thighs are covered in bruises.  Bare fiberglass isn’t a very comfortable surface and that is why many people cover the area you lean against while fighting a fish in the cockpit of their boats.  Traditional coaming bolsters are made of foam and vinyl, much like a seat cushion.  The problem with vinyl is it requires some up keep and also tends to mold and mildew after a while.  Traditional coaming bolsters are very expensive and also require drilling many holes in the boat to attach the pad.  SeaDek coaming bolsters take care of all the problems associated with traditional bolsters.  Since SeaDek bolsters are made of a UV protected EVA foam formulated for the marine environment, you don’t have to worry about them fading, cracking, or mildewing like a vinyl bolster would.  The EVA foam is also a closed cell foam so if you were to accidentally stick a gaff into it, you not have to worry about the pads absorbing or holding water.  The application, like all SeaDek products, is an easy peel and stick application so it takes no time to make your boat more comfortable.  Check out the video below to see how easy the installation is.  We can manufacture the coaming bolsters in any of the stock SeaDek colors so we can make something that will look great on your boat.  Castaway Customs carries stock sizes bolsters and specializes in custom applications.  Feel free to contact us with dimensions of your boat for a quote.  You can reach me at

Beach Sand coaming bolsters

Coaming bolster in a 33 L&H