Faux Teak SeaDek

While teak adds a very classic look to a boat, there are major downsides.  One of the major issues is the cost.  Teak is a very expensive wood and installing teak on a boat is very labor intensive therefore will set you back a good amount.  The other downside to real teak is the amount of time and labor it takes to keep it looking good.  It can be a full time job keeping it oiled up.  While teak use to be one of your only options now there are many different faux teak options.  The nice thing about faux teak is it gives you the look of teak without the maintenance and most of all without breaking the bank.  There are different faux teak options out there, but many of them will still cost you around $50 per square foot installed, about half of the cost of real teak.  SeaDek’s faux teak runs about half of the cost of other faux teak materials while still provide the comfort, traction, and durability that SeaDek is known for.  Whether you are looking to cover the cockpit of a sportfishing boat or the interior cabin on a cabin cruiser, the faux teak SeaDek is a great option from every standpoint.  Castaway Customs specializes in custom SeaDek applications and can design and install custom faux teak in your boat.  Take a look at some of my recent work and feel free to contact me at tyler@castawaycustoms.com if you have any questions or for a price quote.

33 L&H Express Teak Cockpit

33' Grady White WA

27' Searay Sundancer Swim Platform

Interior Cabin on Grady White