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Ranger Cayman 191 decked with Custom SeaDek

Ranger boats have been around a long time and made there name in the bass boat market, but have made a push in the saltwater market in the past decade or so.  The Ranger Cayman, while not the most popular model in their saltwater lineup provides great versatility and stability.  This customer has had the boat for a while and was looking to dress up the boat a little as well as add the comfort and traction provided by SeaDek.  One of the nice things about adding custom SeaDek to your boat is you can change the look and also the feel of your boat.  There are a wide variety of color combinations and this customer decided to go with a camel over black in 6mm.  SeaDek has recently added some new colors to their color pallet and the camel color is one of the new ones.  This was the first job that I have done with the camel and it came out very nicely.  While not for everyone the camel color adds a nice subtle look and goes well with popular boat colors like fighting lady yellow.  If you are interested in adding custom SeaDek to your Ranger or any skiff you can contact

A pulled back look at the whole boat

The front deck layout

The rear deck layout


A view of the cockpit




Custom SeaDek on 35 Contender Side Console

When you think about Contender Boats, most people think about open center consoles, but the 35 Side Console model has been around forever.  With a cabin and plenty of seating it is a very nice option for a family boat, but still offers a great layout and cockpit space for fishing.  A customer recently called me up that purchased one that was few years old, but never been titled and spent most of it’s life sitting outside in the sun.  Needless to say it needed a little loving and SeaDek did the trick.  The nonskid pattern was almost gone on the boat, especially in the bow area.  We pretty much decked out the entire boat except for the inside of the cabin and the customer decided to go with a 6mm Caribbean Blue over Bahama Blue.  The customer also wanted to add coaming bolsters to give himself some comfort while fighting fish so we went with a 20mm white.  This was the first time I have ever done this color combination and while it is a little bright, it has a very clean look and grows on you quickly.  We have a wide variety of colors to choose from so if blue isn’t your thing we have something else that will work.  If you are interested in adding custom SeaDek to your boat, skiff, or yacht you can contact Castaway Customs by sending an email to

Before getting started on the install

The helm and seating area with the Contender logo

The business end of things

No more sore thighs

Nice comfy area for the ladies to lounge

Attention to the details makes any job


33′ Intrepid Center Console Custom SeaDek

I have a customer down in the Florida Keys with an Intrepid center console.  The boat is used some for fishing and catching lobsters,  but the majority of the time it is used as more of a family boat.  One of the great added benefits of the SeaDek is the traction that it adds to a boat.  Many non skid patterns on boats are not very aggressive and when they become wet, they also become very slippery.  With your kids and family using the boat, safety is always a concern.  SeaDek was designed to provide traction even when soaking wet and that brings some comfort and peace of mind.  Speaking of comfort, on this particular job the customer decided go with an 8mm foam over the standard 6mm for extra comfort and cushion.  The cool gray with storm gray trim is one of the most popular colors options and provides a nice subtle look while providing enough contrast to add logos like we did on the front deck hatch.  If you are interested in adding custom SeaDek to your boat, no matter how large or small of a job, you can contact Castaway Customs at

33' Intrepid sitting on the lift


Front floor area with logo

Looking back to the stern from the bow

The helm area

The rear cockpit floor


Custom SeaDek on Sea Hunt BX 22 Pro

In the world of boating you have several types of boats.  Many of them are very specific such as technical poling skiffs on one end of the spectrum and large sport fishing boats on the other end.  For the average boater, either one of these options aren’t what they are searching for.  A very popular style style boat and the staple of many boat manufactures are the models that appeal to a larger audience.  The bay boat market is huge especially in Florida because of the versatility it offers.  While you may not be able to pole it on a shallow flat in Mosquito Lagoon, you can use a trolling motor to run deeper edges or bars searching for fish.  The higher freeboard also allows you traverse open water safely and comfortably.  A bay boat also makes a great family boat because you can carry more people and many of them are setup with flip up and forward seating to make it comfortable for the wife and kids.  Those added comforts were the draw for this particular customer and he decide to go one step further in order to make his boat a little more comfortable and safe for the family by adding custom SeaDek.  On this particular job the owner had a few issues with slipping on the deck so the non skid provided by the SeaDek, even when wet, had great appeal.  For standard deck and floor applications either a single color 5mm or a two tone 6mm, a combination of two 3mm colors combined, are what Castaway Customs recommends.  This particular customer was looking for something that would provide a little more cushion for his family to layout on the decks of the boat, so we decided to go with an 8mm thickness.  The cool gray over black color combination is very popular and looked great as it added some slight contrast.  Whether you are looking to completely deck out a boat or simply just add a helm pad or some coaming bolsters, if you are looking to add any SeaDek to your bay boat whether it be a Sea Hunt like this particular boat or any other brand like a Pathfinder, contact Castaway Customs at

The front deck before SeaDek install

The front deck after Custom SeaDek

The slippery rear deck

SeaDek non skid added

The helm area

No more cooler sliding around

Capt. Scott Lums 23 Contender gets a Custom SeaDek Facelift

I recently did some for work for Capt. Scott Lum who runs charters out of Port Canaveral aboard his 23′ Contender “Outcast”.  Contender center console boats are known for their ride and as a fishing machine.  If there is a cobia, tripletail, or kingfish anywhere in the vicinity they better watch out.  Scott use to hold 6 pound class IGFA world record for tripletail.  The Outcast is a 1997 so it has been around the block or ocean a few times and literally had no more non skid left on the deck.  Scott gave me a call and wanted to SeaDek the entire floor of the boat to make it more safe and comfortable for his clients.  As much use as the boat gets we decided to go with a 5mm storm gray color which is nice for hiding dirt and adds some contrast to the boat.  The before and after pictures really show the difference.  We will be adding some coaming bolsters as well as a helm pad for his crows nest up top in the future.  If you are looking to charter someone to go fish out of Port Canaveral make sure to check out Capt. Scott Lum and if you are interested in getting some custom SeaDek put on your boat contact Castaway Customs at

Where is all goes down before adding the SeaDek

No more worries about slipping

Bow area and fishbox before custom SeaDek

After custom SeaDek

Helm area where non skid and gelcoat were gone

SeaDek adds traction and comfort

Starboard board side prior to install

After SeaDek install

Custom SeaDek on Mako Fishing and Dive Boat Headed to Honduras

Castaway Customs recently got a call from a customer who lives down in Roatan Honduras.  He bought a 1993 26′ Mako center console over on the West Coast of Florida and was preparing to ship it down to Central America.  The boat will be used to run fishing and dive charters.  Being a 1993 the boat had seen better days cosmetically, but structurally everything was solid.  There were several cosmetic spider cracks and areas of the boat where the nonskid had worn off that were great candidates for SeaDek.  As you can see from the pictures you can take a boat almost 20 years old and dress it up nicely with a simple peel and stick application of SeaDek.  The customer decided to go with a single color 5mm storm gray material.  Besides covering the floor we also added a few nice additions to the boat.  We added some pads to the bow cap so you have some solid footing when throwing a net or pulling an anchor back up.  We also covered the swim steps on both corners and the transom area so you have good traction when crawling in and out of the boat.  If you want to add some custom SeaDek to your Mako or any center console contact Castaway Customs at

Great option for throwing a net or pulling anchor

Forward seating area

View from the bow to stern

Mid cockpit floor

Rear cockpit floor

SeaDek swim step pad

Tricked out Maverick HPX-V Skiff

This project was for a customer who runs McCall Anglers, an outfitter and fly shop in Idaho, and spends his Spring chasing permit and tarpon down in the Florida Keys.  It was a joint project with Shallow Water Customs down in South Florida.  The guys at Shallow Water Customs run a great rigging and repair shop and have been installing SeaDek for years.  The boat had a complete makeover from new gelcoat and rigging to a full SeaDek kit.  This HPX-V spends it time primarily down in Key West and will surely stand out among the other Mavericks in the Lower Keys.  This customer decided to go with Caribbean blue over black.  The black makes the edges and the custom logos really pop nicely.  We also replaced the old carpet on the undergunnels.  This has become a very popular option the Maverick boats because carpet and saltwater don’t tend to mix very well.  If you need any custom SeaDek work done to your skiff you can contact Castaway Customs at

The bow section fully decked

Floor kits are also a very popular option on the Mavericks

No more nasty carpet

Custom Nautilus logo

Custom logo on his custom casting platform

Castaway Customs decks out Maverick Master Angler

While not as popular as some of the newer models built by Maverick Boat Company, the Master Angler line of boats has a serious following and has proven itself for years on the water.  While the 18 Master Angler isn’t the most shallow drafting boat, it will still get plenty skinny and also provides great storage, stability, and ride.  This particular boat is a 1996 model and is in great shape for the age.  The owner takes his wife and kids on the boat frequently so he wanted something that would make it more comfortable when lounging around on the decks.  Standard thickness for SeaDek on most decks and floors is either a 5mm single color or a 6mm two tone.  We decide to step it up just a little and go with an 8mm foam which is a combination of 5mm black with 3mm mica on top.  This color combination contrasted very nicely with the color of the boat and the black underlay allowed us to add some ruler sticks on the gunnels to measure fish.  The little extra thickness provided by the 8mm will make his wife and kids more comfortable while on the boat.  If you are looking to add any custom SeaDek to your Maverick or any other brand skiff contact Castaway Customs at

Covering the front deck will make for comfortable fishing and lounging

Notice the detailed cuts around everything

A pulled back view

Nice and comfy poling platform pad

How big was that fish?

Custom SeaDek on Older Lake and Bay

Recently completed a job for a customer who has a 1994 Lake and Bay.  The non-skid had been repainted once before, but it was starting to wear through in several different places and show its age.  While searching out the different options for marine traction and non-skid he stumbled across SeaDekCustom SeaDek was not only the option he was looking for, but also the solution to other problems.  Over time, boats that are used and fished hard like many of the Lake and Bay tend to show some age and small spider cracks are bound to happen no matter what brand or build of boat you have.  While you don’t want to cover over any structural issues, using SeaDek to cover small spider cracks seals them up and hides them giving the boat a nice new look.  This particular customer also fishes many tournaments and spends long days on the water.  The anti fatigue characteristics and cushion provided by adding SeaDek to your boat can really make those long days tournament fishing or just fun fishing more enjoyable.  We decide to go with a single color 5mm foam for this particular boat.  The storm gray is one of the more popular colors because it is fairly neutral ,so it goes well with most boats and being a little darker tends to hide dirt well.  One of the most frequent questions I get asked, and one asked by this particular customer was if the SeaDek gets hot.  Since SeaDek is a closed cell foam and fairly then it doesn’t retain heat.  What this means is when you first step on the pads if they have been sitting out baking in the sun you will notice they are warm, but not particularly warmer than any other deck and once you stand there for a second or two it disperses heat very quickly.  If you are interested in adding custom SeaDek to your skiff, bay boat, or offshore center console you can contact Castaway Customs at

Front deck showing its age

A nice clean new look

The rear deck before SeaDek

After adding Storm Gray SeaDek

Cockpit and gunnels need love too

SeaDek adding comfort and safety

Comfort while poling